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Team Mode Sprint: A Collaborative Journey to Fitness and Rewards

Welcome to Team Mode Sprint, an advanced training mode designed to foster collaboration and collective growth. In TeamMode, you're not just working on your fitness; you're part of a team that runs together, grows together, and earns together.

As a participant in Team Mode, your productivity growth rate may vary depending on the number of NFTs your Captain holds. The more NFTs your Captain has, the higher the potential growth rate for all team members. It's a unique system that encourages collective effort and rewards shared success.

However, teamwork is key in Team Mode. All members must follow the same path during the team mode implementation. If a team member's NFT ranking is lower than the Captain's, they must continue until the Captain completes the course. If any member strays more than 100 meters from the Captain's position, all team mode activities will be cancelled. While members will still receive bonuses based on their individual performance, they won't receive the additional team mode bonuses.

The Captain's NFT count plays a crucial role in Team Mode. The compensation increases based on the number of NFTs the Captain holds, as per the price distribution table. This incentivizes Captains to increase their NFT holdings, thereby boosting the team's overall productivity growth rate.

Team Mode Sprint is more than just an advanced training mode. It's a testament to the power of teamwork, a journey towards collective fitness, and a unique opportunity to earn rewards together. So, gather your team, follow your Captain, and let the shared success follow!

The price distribution table increases compensation based on the number of NFTs in the captain:

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