Understanding the Energy System in Sprint

Sprint's energy is represented by two key indicators: the Cooldown Bar and the Performance Bar. When the Cooldown Bar resets to zero, the Performance Bar is fully charged. Each NFT Watch showcases a complete Performance Bar, which sets the maximum duration or distance for which you can train and earn rewards. If the Performance Bar is depleted, no further rewards will be granted for continued training.

You must wait for the Performance Bar to recharge before you can resume your training. The Performance Bar index and cooldown time vary for each NFT Watch. The rewards you receive correspond to the rarity of each NFT's Performance Bar.

NFTs with higher values offer greater performance and rewards. The cooldown functions and performance bars can be increased or decreased by evolving NFTs or using GEMs on them. If you wish to continue earning by reducing cooldown times, you can use a CD Ticket (which you receive when you open a Secret Box) or spend 200 SWP tokens to purchase CD tickets to shorten the cooldown time. You can only make a purchase once a day for each NFT you own.

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