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In-App Tracker: Your Personal Fitness Companion

We're excited to introduce our in-app tracker, a feature designed to make your fitness journey more efficient and rewarding. This tracker requires users to manually start and end activities, ensuring accurate tracking of your exercise routines.

Our tracker leverages GPS-based platforms, motion sensors, and gyroscopes to precisely track your activity data. And there's more to look forward to! In the upgraded version set to launch in Q4 2023, users will receive enhanced rewards when using a sports band or smartwatch.

In the beta version of the app, we're rolling out tracking for the following activities:

  • Jogging

  • Running

  • Walking steps

To ensure optimal GPS connection, these activities should be performed outdoors.

But we're not just tracking your activities. We're also providing you with comprehensive data after your training, including:

  • Distance covered

  • Speed

  • Exercise duration

  • Calories burned

  • Rewards earned

Our in-app tracker is more than just a tracking tool. It's your personal fitness companion, designed to make your fitness journey more efficient, insightful, and rewarding. So, get moving, track your progress, and let the rewards follow!

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