6️AFK Punishment

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The AFK Penalty System: Ensuring Consistent User Engagement

In the Sprint ecosystem, we've implemented a user penalty system to foster consistent, long-term engagement and to motivate our Move-to-Earn users to maintain stable training plans. This system revolves around the concept of AFK (Away From Keyboard) time.

How does it work?

The AFK time begins to count down when a user does not use their NFT Watch for a specific period. If the AFK time reaches zero, the durability of the corresponding NFT Watch is reduced by 25%. However, the AFK time countdown is paused when the NFT Watch is activated for exercise. The duration of the AFK time varies depending on the rarity of the NFT Watch.

Avoiding Penalties with AFK Tickets

Users can avoid penalties by using AFK tickets, which can be obtained from the Secret Box. These tickets activate the NFT Watch for 24 hours without incurring any penalties. During the period of AFK ticket usage, users can reactivate their NFT Watch to participate in activities and receive rewards. Typically, the AFK Time is set to 24 hours from when the NFT Watch is not in use.

By implementing this system, Sprint encourages users to engage with the platform regularly, thereby promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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