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Sprint's Gem System: Enhancing NFT Stats

In the world of Sprint, Gems play a crucial role in enhancing the stats of your NFTs. They are a key component of the Gem Socket, a mounting system designed to boost your NFT's basic stats.

Gem Socket: A Gateway to Enhanced Performance

By default, each NFT comes with one or two sockets that can be opened. To unlock additional sockets, users must use the SWP token. The impact of a Gem on an NFT's basic stats varies depending on the Gem's rarity. The higher the rarity of the Gem, the greater the increase (or decrease) in the NFT's basic stats.

Gems: The Cornerstone of NFT Enhancement

Gems are stones that augment the basic stats of an NFT. They come in various types, each offering a unique kind of stats enhancement. Users can acquire Gems either by purchasing them through the Marketplace or by opening a secret box.

Stats Boosted by Gems

Gems can enhance a range of stats, including:

  • SPD: Speed

  • CRY: Cry

  • QCK: Quick

  • LCK: Luck

In addition to these, Gems can also:

  • Reduce Cooldown: Decrease the cooldown period, allowing users to engage in activities more frequently.

  • Increase Performance: Boost the performance level of the NFT, leading to better results in activities.

  • Rate of Collecting SWP: This stat is exclusive to Diamond Gems. It increases the rate at which users can collect SWP tokens.

Remember, the more valuable your Gem, the more significant the enhancement to your NFT's performance. So, start collecting and utilizing Gems to maximize your NFT's potential in the Sprint universe!

Gem has the following types:

Gem Rarity

Gem Performance

Change the cost

Consolidation Cost


1 stat

100 SWP

50 SWP


2 stats

200 SWP

80 SWP


3 stats

250 SWP

100 SWP

Diamond 1 stat

4 stats

300 SWP

150 SWP

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