Daily Quest System: An Exciting Path to Additional Rewards

Introducing the Daily Quest System, a unique feature designed to help users earn additional SWE tokens while adding an element of fun and excitement to their fitness journey.

The Daily Quest System is divided into three basic mission types:

  1. Social Sharing Missions: These missions involve sharing your Sprint experiences on social networks. Whether it's a photoshoot, a check-in, or any other activity shared on Sprint's social platforms or other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can earn rewards for spreading the word.

  2. Performance Quests: These are basic tasks such as treasure hunts or tracking other Sprint users within a displayed range. Not only do these quests make your fitness journey more engaging, but they also offer a chance to earn SWE tokens.

The amount of SWE tokens you receive depends on the difficulty of each task. The more challenging the task and the greater the distance, the higher the reward.

Please note that once a mission is accepted, it cannot be canceled. Any cancellation will result in the consumption of SWP tokens. Also, while a mission is in progress, other requests cannot be accepted.

The Daily Quest System is more than just a reward mechanism. It's a way to make your fitness journey more engaging, social, and rewarding. So, accept a mission, complete the task, and let the rewards follow!

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