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SoloMode Sprint: A Personalized Path to Fitness and Rewards

Welcome to SoloMode Sprint, your personal gateway to the world of Move to Earn Web3 Project. This unique mode is designed to cater to individual training needs while rewarding your efforts in the most exciting way possible.

In SoloMode Sprint, your energy limits, indicated by the Performance bar, are determined by the rarity of your NFT. The rarer your NFT, the higher your energy limit, and consequently, the greater your daily token rewards. This system ensures a balanced reward distribution, taking into account the rarity of your NFT and your daily performance.

But that's not all. You have the power to increase your rewards. By owning more NFT watches of higher rarity or greater quantity, you can boost your energy limit and earn more tokens each day. It's a simple yet powerful mechanism: the more you invest in your NFT collection, the more you earn.

The Energy System is your guide to understanding this dynamic. It provides detailed insights into how your NFT index and Performance bar influence your daily energy and token rewards. For a comprehensive understanding of your productivity metrics, refer to your NFT watch.

SoloMode Sprint is more than just a training mode. It's a journey towards better fitness, greater rewards, and an exciting exploration of the Move to Earn Web3 Project. So, gear up, start sprinting, and let the rewards follow!

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